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Water Savings Program

​​​​Flush water for industrial process equipment is often viewed as an intrinsic process element required for reliable equipment operation. However, the business consequences of excessive flush water usage range from adverse environmental impact to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost efficiency per year.

Chesterton's Industrial Water Savings Program is specifically designed to identify excessive water usage at the equipment level. We use a multi-step approach to maximize the value of the program for not only today, but also for the entire life cycle of your equipment.

  • Comprehensive water usage survey to identify immediate areas of focus
  • Detailed reporting outlining the financial impact of excessive industrial water use at the equipment, area, and plant levels using plant-specific utility costs
  • Complete solution recommendations for high-usage equipment designed to reduce water consumption and operating costs and increase process efficiency with complete cost justification documentation
  • Comprehensive training programs relating to product selection, installation, maintenance, and operation techniques
Chesterton Water Management Program