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ViewIn RFID Technology for Mechanical Seals

Wireless Seal Identification and Recordkeeping in an Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Chesterton seals embedded with ViewIn Chesterton Technology give your maintenance staff the ability to scan eq​uipment quickly and safely while in operation to identify the type of Chesterton seal and obtain related pressure test reports, device drawings, and other helpful data using a mobile app.

This innovative technology is included with all new Chesterton S10 Single Cassette Seals and Chesterton S20 Double Cassette Seals

Chesterton mechanical seals equipped with ViewIn Chesterton Technology have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags installed in the seal gland containing a unique serial number. You can easily log all seals into the ViewIn app using a Bluetooth-enabled RFID reader.

A Step Up in Seal Management

ViewIn provides the next level of efficiency in seal management. ​Your staff will have the information they need within minutes.

Contact an authorized Chesterton service center to learn more about Chesterton S10 / S20 high performance seals with ViewIn technology for your application.


*Chesterton ViewIn app requires Internet connectivity.

**Obstacles in the path between the RFID tag and RFID reader may prevent effective scanning while equipment is in operation in some cases.

Information Hosted in the ViewIn app under "My Devices"

  • Mechanical Seal Description 
  • Serial Number
  • Product Item Number
  • Seal Construction Materials
  • Individual Seal Test Report
  • Installation Instructions
  • Device Drawings
  • Supplementary Items

Chesterton S10 / S20 Mechanical Cassette Seals with ViewIn Technology

  • Quick, Convenient Seal Identification​
  • Seal Recordkeeping
  • Web / Mobile Access

    For detailed instructions, see the ViewIn Users Guide.