Chesterton Connect™ Cloud
Monitor, Analyze, and Compare Equipment Intelligence from Wherever You Are

The Chesterton Connect Cloud provides a powerful window into the health of all equipment monitored by Chesterton Connect devices.

 From wherever you are on a 24/7 basis, view overall performance, explore variances and trends, add notes, and take action to increase uptime and productivity from a powerful, easy-to-use cloud-based dashboard.

Chesterton Connect Cloud allows you to:

  • Spot trends to address potential threats to uptime
  • Pinpoint issues causing difficult-to-uncover failures
  • Predict potential problems to help lower maintenance costs
  • Easily modernize plant operations

Chesterton Connect Cloud offers 24/7 security, authentication, and backup of data as well as personalization, data storage, and global access to unlimited sensors.

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Set alert notifications by equipment and by user
Correlate multiple measurements for a specific time
Quickly overlay and compare data for multiple pieces of equipment
Compare vibration against published standards
Produce equipment performance reports easily

Supported on all popular browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozila Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Apple Safari

Software Features:
Security: 24/7 security, authentication, and backup of data
Personalization: Flexible management of user roles, permissions and reports
Access: Supports unlimited sensors



Product Datasheet: Chesterton Connect Gateway (English) Datasheet: Chesterton Connect Gateway (English)pdf
Product Brochure - Chesterton Connect Cloud (English) Brochure - Chesterton Connect Cloud (English)pdf
Installation Guide: Chesterton Connect Gateway (English) Guide: Chesterton Connect Gateway (English)pdf
Connect Case Study 007: Wastewater Pump Monitoring (English) Case Study 007: Wastewater Pump Monitoring (English)pdf
Product Brochure: Water and Wastewater Industry (Japanese) Brochure: Water and Wastewater Industry (Japanese)pdf