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Chesterton AXIUS Modular Mechanical Seal Platform

About the AXIUS Platform

​Chesterton’s newest single and double mechanical seals are built on the AXIUS™ modular platform, which allows you to configure only the seal capabilities you need around a universal base. This modularity allows you to keep your operation agile and lower life cycle costs.

These seals can be customized quickly and easily to suit your application. Such flexibility allows you to make reconfigurations quickly, even in the field, to meet the changing demands of your process. Easily upgrade seals during overhaul to improve performance and extend production time; there’s no need to buy a different seal.

1810 Heavy Duty Modular Single Cartridge Seal​​

Chesterton’s 1810 is a scalable, plant-wide mechanical sealing solution that can be employed in a wide variety of pumps

The 1810 seal offers different face options to deal with either hot process or contaminated media. A multi-port injector ring allows for better control of the seal chamber temperature in the vicinity of the seal faces.

Other optional features include a floating bushing to minimize quench and drain media loss while tracking shaft movement.​ 

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2810 Heavy Duty Modular Double Cartridge Seal 

Chesterton’s 2810 is a double seal with advanced features that provide superior emissions control safety and reliability.

Ideal for sealing hazardous or dangerous process fluids, the 2810 offers a high degree of control over seal operating conditions. The 2810'sinnovative diffuser sleeve reduces seal face build up to extend seal life.

The 2810 seal is designed with geometric double balance (rather traditional shifting O-ring methods) to ensure the 2810 faces always remain closed.

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