Chesterton 2810 Heavy-Duty Modular Double Cartridge Seal

2810 Heavy-Duty Modular Double Cartridge Seal
Built on Chesterton’s AXIUS™ modular platform for simple configuration and emission control plant-wide

​​​​​​​​​​​​​This Chesterton® double cartridge seal offers you the ultimate in seal quality, flexibility, and emissions control. 

Leveraging Chesterton’s proprietary AXIUS modular platform, the 2810 can be configured with several different face profiles and auxiliary components within a common gland housing. This flexibility allows seal performance to be tailored to a wide range of process conditions. 

A plant-wide sealing solution, the 2810 uses a geometric double​-balanced seal face design. An optimized barrier/buffer channel for enhanced fluid flow provides greater seal reliability even at elevated temperatures.

Chesterton 2810 Modular Cartridge Double Seal
Simplifies configuration and maximizes seal performance with the AXIUS™ modular platform
Maintains reliability throughout temperature cycling and stop/ start processes with monolithic seal faces 
Increases face life and reduces  contact stress with cushioned  drive pins
Allows for easy, positive seal  identification with ViewIn™  technology
Accommodates axial, radial, and angular shaft movement through unified seal face alignment
Operating Conditions ​​Materials
Sizes25 mm – 120 mm (1.00" – 4.75")
Rotary FacesCB, SSC, TC
Pressure711 mm or 28" Hg Vacuum to 40 bar g (600 psig*) 17 bar g (250 psig) outboard
Stationary FacesSSC, TC
–55°C – 300°C (–67°F – 570°F)
Temperature limits depend on actual elastomers used
Speed25 m/s (5000 fpm)
Metal Parts316 Stainless Steel (EN 1.4401)
ISO-3069C, ASME B73.1, B73.2, ATEX Category I, Group 2 approved​​
Alloy C-276 (EN 2.4819)

Sealed pressure capabilities are dependent on the fluid sealed, temperature, speed and face combination. Consult Chesterton Mechanical Seal Engineering to confirm suitability for your application and to receive a product recommendation.



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