Chesterton 186 Metal Bellows Single Cartridge Seal

Chesterton 186 Metal Bellows Seal - Single Cartridge
Balanced Metal Bellows Design Used in Harsh Chemical Services

​​This bellows seal enhances reliability by minimizing O-Ring concerns. The Chesterton 186 Bellows Seal is used primarily in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

​The high-strength, low-spring-rate bellows core delivers low heat generation and reliable sealing performance. The self-cleaning, rotary bellows seal design will reduce the clogging associated with sealing fluids with solids in suspension​​.

Welded metal bellows eliminate dynamic O-Rings
Hydraulically-balanced seal design
Enhanced performance in slurry and particulate services
Corrosion-resistant Alloy C-276 bellows construction
Full-featured gland uses a close clearance throttle bushing for maximum control during quenching/venting and draining
Fits a wide range of pumps and other rotating equipment
​Sizes​20 mm to 610 mm (0.75" to 24.00")
Pressure711 mm (28") Hg Vacuum to 31 bar g (450 psig)
Temperature–55° C to 300° C  (–67° F) to (570° F)*​​​
Speed20m/s (4000 fpm)

Sealed pressure capabilities are dependent on the fluid sealed, temperature, speed and face combination. Consult Chesterton Mechanical Seal Engineering to confirm suitability for your application and to receive a product recommendation.



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