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Chesterton Introduces New Mechanical Seal Support Systems
Complete Tank Systems to Enhance Sealing Reliability


March 17, 2017 - Groveland, Massachusetts —​The A.W. Chesterton Company is expanding its mechanical seal support capabilities with a new line of tanks for API Plan 52 and API Plan 53 systems. All systems come assembled and include all accessories required to install and operate each tank system. This includes the tank assembly, tank fittings, pre-cut hoses and seal fittings.

The three new tank systems are:

WSS - Water Saving System

The WSS is an API Plan 53P type system designed specifically to minimize water usage of dual mechanical seals supported by a conventional quench and drain system.

  • The system is completely self-managing after installation and maintains fluid levels and pressure.
  • In the event of a fault condition within the Mechanical Seal or Pump, a flow indicator provides a visual alert to the operator to investigate the fault condition.
  • The savings in water consumption can be significant, and Chesterton provides all of the services required to audit and calculate the potential returns.

BSS - Buffer Support System

The BSS is an API Plan 52 system designed to provide important cooling, lubrication and containment for dual mechanical seals operating in conditions where barrier fluid is not allowed to enter the finished product and/or the finished product must be contained in the event of fault condition.

  • The system can be configured to the user’s requirements with various options and instrumentation.

PSS - Pressurized Support System​

The PSS is an API Plan 53A system designed to provide support for dual mechanical seals operating in conditions where the process fluid does not meet the ideal conditions for support of the Mechanical Seal, and a complimentary barrier fluid must be utilized that is compatible with the process media.

  • The system can be configured to the user’s requirements with various options and instrumentation.​

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