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Large Diameter Rotary Seal Series Improves the Sealing of Heavy Duty Rotating Equipment
Now Available in North America!

​​​​​​Chesterton's Large Diameter Rotary Seal Series is an extension of the company’s existing rotary seal portfolio. The series is now available in North America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This seal series was specifically developed to improve seal performance in heavy duty, industrial rotating equipment. The seal design, materials, and technology provide superior protection against the ingress of solid particles, dust, and fluids. As a result, bearing houses and gearboxes are protected even in the most hostile industrial environments.

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Chesterton 50K​​ Chesterton 50K​​
Rotary face seals (excluders) as secondary seal components for the protection of bearing seals and bearing housing​.
​Chesterton 51K
Rotary seals with a fabric-reinforced back on OD for bearing and gearbox protection.
Chesterton 52K​
Rotary seals with a metallic ring insert (stiffener ring) for bearing and gearbox protection.
Chesterton 53K
Rotary seals with a special spring system (a combination of helical garter and finger spring) for high speed and which have large run-out.

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