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Chesterton 442C and SpiralTrac
​​An Unbeatable Sealing Combination

Lower Maintenance + Extend Reliability


Customers around the world have dramatically improved pump system reliability for specific applications by combining two advanced sealing technologies:

Chesterton's 442C:  Split Mechanical Seal Technology

Split seals can be installed in place without disassembly of the equipment - reducing production downtime, lowering labor costs, and increasing safety. 

Greatly reduced leakage is another significant split seal advantage when upgrading from mechanical packing.  While split seals sometimes drip in the hours following installation, after "running in" they will typically operate leak-free or nearly leak free for years. ​

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EnviroSeal's SpiralTrac™ :  Active Throat Bushing Technology​

SpiralTrac allows you to extend seal life by enhancing the seal environment to control solids buildup/abrasives and heat. Incorporating SpiralTrac into your sealing solution:

  • Enables particulates to be removed from the stuffing box (and away from packing or chemical seals)
  • Permits air to evacuate the stuffing box upon flooding to retain cooling
  • Minimizes heat buildup in the stuffing box by creating circulation around seal faces

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Ready to benefit from this powerful sealing duo?  Request more information from your local Chesterton office. ​