Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

​​​With challenges that range from sealing highly aggressive fluids to frequent batch-type operations, companies in the chemical processing industry need not only the right sealing products but also the best long-term reliability solutions for their rotating equipment.

Chesterton has an in-depth understanding of the tough application environment of chemical processors and is valued by many companies around the globe for its ability to solve sealing issues comprehensively, protect valuable assets, reduce energy costs, and improve employee safety.

Our solutions include:

  • High quality pump seals and sealing solutions that extend the productivity and life of rotating equipment
  • Energy-conserving rotating equipment components for increased savings
  • Leak-free solutions to im​prove worker safety
  • Advanced maintenance technologies to reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • High performance industrial coatings that protect equipment from caustic chemicals and increase pump reliability and efficiency
  • On-call local service to provide expert troubleshooting advice

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