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About Us
Chesterton Rotating Equipment Services & Solutions

With decades of experience as a innovative mechanical seal manufacturer, ​​​​​​​​​​​​Chesterton advances the su​ccess of your plant's rotating equipment.  From massive pumps and turbines to mixers and cooling fans, we provide high quality seal designs and applications expertise to ensure that your equip​ment operates longer at maximum capacity—cost-effectively, safely, and sustainably.

The Chesterton team brings decades of experience working with process industry companies around the world, often in the most challenging high-pressure, high-temperature, and chemical environments. We use innovative solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to make our customer's sealing and equipment systems more simple and cost-effective to o​perate and maintain.

The Chesterton Advantage

  • Improving rotating equipment reliability and efficiency
  • Delivering  tailored pump sealing solutions for highly demanding environments
  • Achieving environmental compliance and reducing energy consumption
  • Lowering maintenance costs and extending equipment life
  • Performing in-field and off-site pump repair and upgrades
  • Protecting equipment from erosion and abrasion
  • Increasing maintenance reliability, reducing bearing failures, and lowering costs
  • Providing workforce reliability and maintenance training

Sample Chesterton Rotating Equipment Solutions:

  • Mechanical split seal design coupled with the capabilities of a cartridge seal for maximum installation flexibility
  • Gas seal technology that is easy to install, operates as a dry seal in gas disruptions, and saves gas
  • High-performance compression packing to reduce equipment wear and leakage while extending equipment reliability and performance
  • Environmental control technology that keep contaminants away from the sealing device to improve reliability and extend asset life
  • High-performance industrial coatings that protect and preserve metal components and concrete surfaces in challenging environments and often repair damaged equipment at a fraction of replacements costs
  • Advanced lubrication programs that extend bearing life and reduce maintenance costs

​To learn more about the A.W. Chesterton Company, visit the Chesterton Global website.​