Chesterton S20 Dual Tandem Cassette Seal

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Chesterton S20 Tandem Seal with Heat Removal Pump
High-Performance Modular Cassette Seal


​​​​​​​This tandem seal uses a high-flow pump device, which assists in heat removal. The tandem configuration is engineered for high-pressure sealing. All wearing parts are contained in a single, replacement cassette unit. With a common universal gland, repair is a simple matter of exchanging cassettes.

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Advanced sealing performance
One optimized sealing concept for plant-wide standardization
Double mechanical seal
Technical DataMaterials
Sizes25 mm to 120 mm (1.00" to 4.75")FacesCB, SSC, TC
Pressure711 mm  (28") Hg Vacuum to 31 bar g(450 psig).17 bar g (250 psig) inboard differentialElastomersFKM, EPDM, FEPM, ChemLast™
Temperature-55° C to 300° C (-67˚ F to 570˚ F)Metals1.4401 (316SS)
Speed25 m/s (5000 fpm)Springs2.4819 (Alloy C-276)
​ Fits ISO-3069, ASME B73.1, B73.2
​​​​ ​



Brochure: Chesterton S10 Single & S20 Dual Cassette Seal (English) Chesterton S10 Single & S20 Dual Cassette Seal (English)pdf
Article: What Determines Seal Leakage? (English) Determines Seal Leakage.pdfArticle: What Determines Seal Leakage? (English)pdf
Environmental Control Plans (English) Control Plans (English)pdf
Technical Material Reference (English) Material Reference (English)pdf
Installation Instructions: S10 S20 (English) Instructions: S10 S20 (English)pdf