Chesterton 50K Mill Rotary Face Seal

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Chesterton 50K Mill Rotary Face Seal
Protects Against the Ingress of Solid Particles



​​​​​​​Designed to protect against ingress of solid particles, dust, and fluids while sealing lubricants in rotary applications.

  • High-performance elastomer materials
  • Long elastic memory and good resistance to aging
  • Optimized lip interference with low friction
  • Direct retrofit; no equipment modifications required

Availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa


​MaterialsNBR70, FKM70
Size Range180 mm - 1405 mm
Temperature Range-20° C - 150° C
Pressure Range0.03 Mpa
Speed Range20 m/s



Product Datasheet: 50K (English) 50K Rotary Face Seal Program.pdfProduct Datasheet: 50K (English)pdf